What is Liposuction Surgery Failure | Aarthi Agarwal Telugu Heroine Death Reason revealed

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Aarthi Agarwal Death Reason 1Aarthi Agarwal, a famous South Indian Heroine expired on 6th June 2015. She had been suffering form obesity and pulmonary problem since long time. She had been undergoing Liposuction treatment in a private hospital in New Jersey hospital Atlantic City, United States of America. According to her manager’s report, the treatment went wrong on Aarthi due to which cardiac arrest happened which left Aarthi dead.

What is Liposuction Surgery?

The process of accumulating various parts of body which removes isolated fat in body in modernized manner is known as Liposuction Surgery. This is being used by millions of people throughout the word those who want to reduce their weight in very less period of time and less effort. This is a costly treatment too. As Aarthi Agarwal was also facing a heavy weight problem, she also joined the treatment. As a bad luck the treatment was failed due to which she expired at the age of 31.

Aarthi Agarwal Indian Heroine Death Reason:

Aarthi, who was undergoing Liposuction Surgery might have gone with removing too much fat from targeted areas at once which might result in dents, lumps, and sagging skin and overexposure to anesthesia. By increasing the number of sittings these side effects might reduce, doctors say. This single and simple reason took a beautiful Indian actress away from Tollywood industry. Heath conscious is very essential for each and every person, let it be a celebrity or a common person.

Complete details of Aarthi Agarwal’s death

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