Aarthi Agarwal-Only 3 KGs She had to Reduce but Died due to Treatment Failure

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Aarthi Agarwal SlimAarthi Agarwal expired on 6th June, 2015. There is no other personal reason for which her death. Her recent movie Ranam-2 has released a day before her death. The film was directed by Amma Rajashekar. The actress singed a new movie which is named “Junction lo Jayamalini”. Aarthi had to reduce weight for the movie and health wise as well. She was 89 KGs and she reduced her weight to 69 KGs. Se was requested to reduce still 3 KGs more and so she joined Liposuction Surgery Treatment in New Jersey. She faced the dangerous and very rare side effect of the treatment for which she was hospitalized since one month. Finally, on Saturday Aarthi died due to breathing problem.

Details of Film for which she had to reduce 3 KGs:

“Junction lo Jayamalini” story is based on “Kebare Dancer” novel. The film was produced by Amaravathi Creations and Sri Pushpanjali Creations together. Shivanagu was about to direct the film. Aarthi Agarwal was about to act in a dual role in this film. K. Srikanth Reddy, G. Nageshwar Rao and K.L.Rao are the three producers of movie. Finally Aarthi is no longer going to work with the film as she expired.

Aarthi Agarwal’s Career:

Aarthi Agarwal was born on March 5, 1984 in New Jersey, United States. Adithi Agarwal is her sister, who is also a film actress. Aarthi committed suicide in 2007 for some personal reasons. During that time actor Tarun was in news for the reason behind Aarthi’s suicide attempt. But it was a fake news. Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty spotted her and invited her to dance on stage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during that time she was just 14 years.

Complete details of Aarthi Agarwal’s death

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