Aravind Mantri Arrested | AAP Minister Jitender Singh Tomar Arrested

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AAP Minister Jitender Singh TomarAravind Mantri Arrested: Jitender Singh Tomar APP party (Aam Aadmi Party) politician and Lawyer who won Delhi elections 2015 from west Delhi constituency and became Law minister has been arrested on 9th June, 2015. It is petitioned that Tomar’s degree (BSc) which he received from Avadh University was fake. The case was petitioned in Delhi High Court a day before he sworn as Minister (February, 2015). The complete details of the case are as follows.

Jitender Singh Tomar Case Details (Aravind Mantri Arrested):

Petitioner says “Bishwanath Singh Institute of Legal Study College from where Jitender Singh Tomar achieved his Law certificate does not meet the standards prescribed by Bar Council of India”. Tomar told a news magazine(Times of India) that he was certified form Chaudhary Charan Singh University. But Delhi High Court refused to withdraw the case against Tomar. Mean while a report was submitted by Tilak Manjhi Bhagalpur University to Delhi High Court which says that that there was no record of his law degree. Finally on 9th June, 2015, Tomar was arrested by Delhi police and taken to Hauz Khas police station.

Police High Drama:

When Tomar was addressing people in his west Delhi constituency about 30 or 40 policemen reached the place and took him away to Hauz Khas police station and later shifted him to Vasant Vihar police station. These two stations are in south Delhi. Police chief BS Bassi says that he was in a meeting and he don’t know anything about minister’s arrest. Later Bassi said that Tomar was arrested under fake certificate case.

APP says that this is high drama played by BJP government as there was no prior notice given by police before arrest and the way police chief responses is doubtful. where BJP Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh says his ministry had nothing to do with the arrest.

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