Sun Cyclone to Hit Earth on 28th June, 2015 | Precautions and Safety Measures

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Sun Cyclone 2015Sun Cyclone to Hit Earth: Space researchers are saying that sun cyclone will touch the earth on 28th of this month. The cyclone which is rushing towards earth with the fastest storm is expected to reach earth on this Sunday. If sun cyclone strikes earth utility system will fail completely. Internet, Telephone systems will completely fail. This cyclone is rushing towards earth with a speed of 16,09,347 Km/H. Scientists say that it can be recognized only before 30 minutes before it strikes earth. It is expected that this sun cyclone will hit the earth on 28-6-2015. This comes due to magnetic waves on sun. This sun cyclone when hits the earth it destructs many places and communication technology also. Sun Cyclone to hit earth news will be updated here.

Sun Cyclone to Hit Earth in 2015

England Scientists say that there is nothing to worry about this sun cyclone. The available well developed advanced technology can reduce severity of sun cyclone says England scientists. They say the process has already begun to reduce the severity of sun cyclone. The powerful heat emitted from sun turns into flood of sun cyclone says scientists. This happens frequently and can be handled with latest technology says scientists. But when a sun cyclone hits earth it leaves bad results on earth.

Precautions When a cyclone strikes:

  • “Disconnect all electrical appliances in your house”
  • “Stay inside and shelter {well clear of windows) in the strongest part of the building, i.e. cellar, internal hallway or bathroom. Keep evacuation and emergency kits with you.”
  • “Beware the calm ‘eye’. If the wind drops, don’t assume the cyclone is over; violent winds will soon resume from another direction. Wait for the official ‘all clear’.”

Latest Updates about Sun Cyclone

Sun Cyclone 2015

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