Names of 15 Dead in Human Stampede at Rajahmundry Pushkar Ghat on 14th July 2015


Rajahmundry, AP: 15 Dead in Human Stampede at Rajahmundry Pushkar Ghat on the first day of Godavari Pushkaralu 2015 and 14 injured . As per the reports the number of dead people increased. Number of pilgrims who visited Kotagummam Pushkar Ghat in RJY was beyond expectations and human stampede took place. In the Live video Updates we can see how crowded the ghat was with pilgrims.

15 Dead in Human Stampede at Rajahmundry Pushkar Ghat

Police were unable to control the pilgrims as they were beyond the expectations. Pilgrims say that the government failed in providing facilities for Pushkaralu. If this is the situation on first day. what would be for rest of days? says pilgrims. Bar gates are also not built properly and did not even followed minimum criteria says people.

Respected authorities visited the location and examining the incident. Heavy traffic jam at Kotagummam and Janda Panja Road. Communication failure between various department authorities is been clearly noticed.

Pilgrims who are seriously injured have been rushed to Rajahmundry government hospital.

Not only this pushkar ghat but remaining 15 ghats are also facing the same problem of Human Stampede in Rajahmundry. Facing these problem people are showing anger towards government failure in pushkaralu maintenance activities. Check Comment box to see more names who died in Pushkaralu 2015

Names of Pilgrims who Died in Pushkaralu on 14-7-2015

Lakshmi, Bhimavaram

Sowmya, Bhimavaram

Buddvarapu  laxmi (west)

Parvathamma (vizag)

Mangamma (vizag)

Krishnaveni (East Godavari)

Gollamma (Vizag)

Pudi  saramma

Amara  paiditalli

Ratnam (Yanam)

Venkatalaxmi (RJY)


More names to be updated…

Live Video of 15 Dead in Human Stampede at Rajahmundry Pushkar Ghat on first day

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    07/14/2015, 10:50 am

    Avanta laxmi(srikakulam)
    Janakamma( vijayanagaram)
    Chanipoyena variki 10L estundata..


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