Rajahmundry Fire Accident CCTV Footage Live Video at Gokavaram Bus Stand

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Rajahmundry Fire Accident CCTV Footage: RJY fire accident which happened on 22nd July, 2015 has taken a new curve. There are very suspicious things to be noted in the CCTV footage revealed. Two important points to be noticed from the video. Police suspects that the first day human stampede disaster of pushkaralu at pushkarghat is also not an accident. Read complete story below.

RJY Fire Accident Facts

Rajahmundry Fire Accident CCTV Footage Facts

Two reasons to Suspect on RJY fire Accident

  1. If you clearly observe the video you can notice there was no sound of gas cylinder burst heard during the fire was on. People were running from the fire which was on at 7:05 PM. After a while there was a sound as something was burst. Later fire engines reached the location and set off the fire by 7:20 PM.
  2. Police officials have revealed the hotel’s front cam video of the accident to the media in which we can notice this. In the hotel’s back cam video police noticed that they saw people who were seen on the first day of godavari pushkaralu 2015. During heavy human stampede. So police are suspecting that the first day stampede is also not an accident.

Hotel’s back cam CCTV visuals are not yet revealed to media. Police is still investigating the case.

RJY Fire Accident CCTV Live Video is here below

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