Kabul Bomb Blast 28th December 2015 | Afghanistan Car Blast Videos Images

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Kabul Bomb Blast: Latest International updates. As per latest Republic of Afghanistan news, The capital city of the country Kabul bomb blast has taken place today on 28-12-2015. This incident happened at Vicinity Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Airport this morning. People near to airport have no idea what was happening around them at airport. They ran in even directions once they heard the blast sound.

Kabul Bomb Blast 28th December 2015

Gong into the complete details, Kabul bomb blast is a suicide blast. One was  killed and 4 injured in this incident. According to latest report there could be even many who were injured. Those who were injured were hospitalised immediately at near by hospitals.  Afghanistan car blast seems to be terrorist activity. Kabul was attacked many times by the terrorists previously. Big one was Kabul parliament attack by Taliban on 22nd June, 2015.

Kabul Bomb Blast Live Updates:

Here we provide you the live updates on Kabul Bomb blast 2015. No Terrorist group has announced the claim of responsibility towards the attack. We can observe that taliban has recently attacked many times on Kabul. The last blast in Lashkar Gah, in Afghanistan took place on Sunday.3 people were killed in this attacks. This blast happened when a team of police were on regular patrolling.

Kabul Bomb Blast 28th December 2015

List of people who were injured and Hospitalised in Kabul Airport Car Bomb Blast

There are 4 people who were injured in Kabul bomb blast. Names of those persons were not yet revealed. One who was killed seems to be the suicide bomber. if anyone know the details please update their names and other news updates below in comments section provided. This will help others to know the complete details of Kabul Car bomb blast 2015.

Kabul Car Blast Live Video and Images

We keep updating Kabul blast latest news. Photos and images of Kabul Blast are not yet released by the respective authorities. One we get the official video and images of Kabul car suicide blast, we will update it over here.

Kabul Bomb blast Latest Updates

Latest News:

  • There were two suicide blasts that took place in Kabul today
  • 6 people were killed in the blasts
  • Blasts were near to US Military Base
  • US president obama left 2 hours before the blast
  • There was a gunfight between police and insurgents.

Kabul Car Blast Live Video NDTV


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