Escape from Drunk and Drive Case | Alcohol Consumption Limit in India

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Escape from Drunk and Drive Case: Are you having fun in parties? Consuming Alcohol? Guys be prepared for Alcohol consumption. Wait! getting prepared is not getting a wine bottle or etc. Get prepared to follow precautions. Yes! its very necessary to follow important precautions when you are about to consume alcohol. There is no law that can break, if you are caught in drunk and drive case. You will be subjected to 6 month of jail and about Rs.10,000/- fine if you are caught by the cop. If you still want to escape from drunk and drive case, you need to follow the following precautions strictly.

Police will not leave you at any cost if you are caught drunk and drive. If you cross the drunk and drive limit in India, you will be sent to jail. Below here we provide you complete details of drunk and drive case, drunk and drive rules, drunk and drive fine in Indian metro cities and towns. Before that let us see how to escape

Escape from Drunk and Drive Case

  • It is suggested to bring liquor home or order alcohol online if you are in metro cities of India.
  • If you are attending new year party or other arranged by any hotel then make an arrangement to stay at the hotel or resorts only to that night if you are drunk. It is not safe to drive a car, motorcycle or any other vehicle when you are drunk.
  • If you are going to any bar and restaurant along with your friends for celebrating a party or new year celebrations etc, make sure that the bar and restaurant is located near to the place you live so that you can walk back to your place soon after the party before late night. So that you need not drive after consuming liquor which  saves you from drunk and drive case and at the same time your life is saved from accidents.
  • If it is compulsory that you need to return home at any cost after new year celebrations, it is better to call a cab which is trustworthy and return back to home. Make sure that you are not drunk too much that you are unable to stand and walk also.
Escape from Drunk and Drive Case

Drunk and Drive Rules in India

If you are going to have a party with your friends and drive back to your place on your vehicle then you need to know the drunk and drive rules in India for sure. Here we provide you drunk and drive rules. If you are caught by a cop during drunk and drive you will undergo drunk and drive test initially using breathalyser. If you are observed by the police that you have consumed alcohol beyond the limit you will be moved to police station. Here you will undergo complex breathalyzer test which is done using evidential breath testing instrument. If the police finds that you have consumed beyond 30% then you will have to undergo blood test or urine test. Police officer will decide which test to be done. Later you will be charged with drunk and drive case.

Drunk and drive case and fine in India

If you are caught under drunk and drive case in India you will be charged with a fine which ranges between Rs. 10,000-30,000 INR. You may be sent to jail for about 6 months depending upon the case and section you are arrested under. So be careful that you are not going to consume alcohol beyond the limit.

Drunk and Drive Limit in India

If you are drunk and still you want to drive your car to home, then it is compulsory that you do not exceed drunk and drive limit in India. Depending upon Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) one will be arrested under drunk and drive case. BAC must be less than 30 mg or 30 µl alcohol in 100 ml blood (as per government norms in early 2015). BAC varies from person to person depending upon age, blood level, gender, body metabolism, stress levels, consumption of food  etc. So it is not fixed that if you consume this much your BAC will be this much. But still here we give you an example how to calculate BAC approximately.

Example: If you consume a pinch of beer (330 ml) then your BAC will rise above 20 mg approximately. So keeping this in mind you might consume alcohol.

You will be in trouble if you consume 330ml of beer= 200ml of wine= 40ml of whisky, vodka, brandy

So we think you can now escape from Drunk and Drive case in India. Police will not catch you for sure if you follow our precautions mentioned above.

Note: We don’t encourage alcohol consumption in this article and we are strictly against consumption of alcohol. Alcohol Consumption is Injurious to Health.

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