Reasons for Downtown Fire Accident | Burj Khalifa Dubai Live Videos and Images

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Reasons for Downtown Fire Accident: Downtown is located near by Burj Khalifa Dubai. The two square Kilometers covered multi purpose complex met with fire accident last night. During the eve of new year celebrations on 31st December, 2015 fire accident took place in this complex. At around 9:30 PM this disaster took place in Dubai. It is said that the reasons for downtown fire accident is due to fireworks arranged by the complex.

It is said that the fireworks struck the 20th floor of this Downtown, Dubai.  Downtown is exactly located on Sheikh Zayed Road, across from Al Wasl locality on the Northwest of Dubai. Main land mark of this complex is it is located near to Burj Khalifa, Dubai. Burj Khalifa is longest building in the world. Including Burj Khalifa Dubai Fountain, Dubai Mall, Burj Park Island, and The Address Downtown Dubai hotel are located in this center of the complex.

Reasons for Downtown Fire Accident

It is said that the reason for downtown fire accident is due to fireworks that are arranged for new year celebrations. Eye witness said that the fire struck the 20th floor of the building to curtains of a room. Later the fire passed through the other floors of the complex within minutes of time. The building looked orange and red with fire on one side completely. People ran for lives soon after seeing the fire caught to downtown. There are people who want to bring their belongings left inside a hotel but they could not, as the fire ran all the other floors of building with in few seconds.

Reasons for Downtown Fire Accident

Mystery behind Downtown, Dubai Fire Accident

  • When the celebrations had to start at 12 midnight and fireworks will be lighten at 12 AM, then why did the accident occurred at 9:30 PM?
  • How can one complete side of a building catch fire in few minutes, if there are fire safety measures taken by the complex?

Images of Downtown Fire Accident near to Burj Khalifa Dubai

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Reasons for Downtown Fire Accident

Downtown Fire Accident Live Videos

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